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Go beyond the walled gardens

Reach new, untapped audiences at scale, with a fixed CPA.
Powered by Arpeely AI

Scalable Traffic Source

Tap into the largest in-app and programmatic traffic sources worldwide, engaging new audiences and scaling your reach exponentially. 

Incremental Marketing Channel

Discover alternatives to the saturated Meta/Google/Tiktok ads walled-gardens. Reach diverse new audiences and drive more sales with better ROAS.


Risk-Free Growth

Pay only for conversions we generate, ensuring you enjoy significant growth without any surprises or upfront costs. Set your own CPA and measure LTV independently or through Arpeely's dashboards to ensure you hit your growth and profitability goals.

Integrate seamlessly with your online store, allowing you to drive traffic and sales quickly and easily.

Easy & Fast Integration

Existing Creative Assets

Save time and costs by leveraging your existing Meta / Tiktok video assets to expand your reach.

Client Base Booster

Grow your CRM client base with Arpeely DTC™ customer acquisition solutions. Notify your clients on special promotions or retarget abandoned carts, increasing LTV.

How it works


Underoutfit: New Customer ROAS +30%, spend +35% MoM

Underoutfit, a leading women underwear DTC brand, saw an increase in all conversion funnel KPI's - from completed video views and store traffic to overall sales, AOV and ROAS. 

By working with Arpeely, Underoutfit increased its marketing reach, far beyond the walled-gardens. Arpeely's access to highly engaging, mobile inapp inventory, together with advanced targeting capabilities and customer acquisition methods resulted in:

  • Incremental growth in store sales

  • Increased brand awareness - 3MM additional completed video views /day - that resulted in organic and direct traffic boost

  • New Customers ROAS improved by 30%

  • Ad spend with Arpeely grew 35% MoM

Quickly after launch, Arpeely accounted for 20% of Underoutfit's ad spend. With positive momentum ongoing, Underoutfit reduces dependencies on expensive traditional sources while improving both blended CPA and overall ROAS.


"Arpeely was a complete game changer in Underoutfit's growth and scale strategy"

Felix Leshno, Co-founder, CEO

  • What makes Arpeely different?
    Arpeely leverages machine learning to buy ads on the biggest real-time bidding exchanges, working with leading global brands. Clients pay only for purchases we generate. Our expert data and engineering teams maximize ROAS. We reach the right audiences at the best times, providing easy-to-integrate solutions with excellent tracking and insights.
  • What do you mean by "risk free"?
    Exactly as it sounds: we only charge once a sale has been made (CPA), unlike other acquisition sources. You control the payout and budget, and together with your dedicated account manager, make sure you hit your profitability and growth KPi's. No upfront costs, no obscure dynamic CPM charges - just "conversions X CPA".
  • Is my eCommerce business a good fit?
    Arpeely DTC™ is not for everyone. But, if you have mastered your online conversion funnel and can produce great video creatives - We can increase your reach significantly, reduce your dependency on expensive walled-gardens ad networks (ie. Meta ads, Tiktok ads, Google ads), help you build your CRM customer base and improve your ROAS.

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