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Still hungry? Still foolish?
Join Us

Come [legally] hack with us the data on the largest exchange that’s running our world. Not NASDAQ; the one with way more events - the Global Ads Exchanges, where millions of ads are born and clicked every second.

Step behind the curtain of algorithms and competitors that move $1T of annual budgets. Plunge into a world of ISP-volumes of traffic, sub-second predictions and TBs of live, real-world data. Use cutting-edge analysis, ML, engineering, UX or just plain hacker-like thinking to out-perform the market.

End-to-end ownership

Everyone at Arpeely has the ability  to  deploy into production and directly impact the company and clients' bottom line. Your skills and ingenuity are directly translated into the company's success (and visible to all via live dashboards).

Work With Awesome People

We spend most of our waking hours here. Better do it with professional and nice humans. Work with sharp minds and happy souls with a strong affinity to beer.

Benefits & Options Package

Arpeely offers a competitive compensation package. While Arpeely is profitable, the majority of the upside is still ahead. To participiate in the success, full-time employees also receive an options package. 

Bleeding-edge Tech

Work on infra and data processing >1m QPS with billions of live ML predictions, generating TBs of daily data. All governed with our internal planform. Develop and deploy assets and tools touching millions of users.

The Right Values

Business & KPI Transparency for all.
Move fast, iterate quickly (MVP ASAP).
Maximum Ownership.
ROI oriented.
Tech & data supremacy.

Great Business Model. Greater Aspirations

With proven success, we've merely scratched the surface.
We currently process only 1% of world's bidding traffic. Imagine what we can do if you join too..

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