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The Tailored Demand 
Generation Platform

Custom ML & Algorithms for Media and User Acquisition

Data 1st approach.
From Bid to Conversion

Our autonomous media engine, targets, re-targets, self-adapts and generates insights to zero-down on the most valuable traffic, users and LTV.

With a custom RTB stack and a direct connection to leading Ad-exchanges, we are able to leverage custom ML features unused by the rest of the industry bringing significant market edge.
Each impression receives tailored pricing, creative and post-click flow based on per-impression LTV prediction - all in real-time.

Unique win-win  business model

No upfront budgets are needed.
​Arpeely operates on rev-share or deep conversion-signal performance-model.

Data Science 

Dedicated ML pipelines per client offering + proprietary ML features * unique know-how = Market breaking results

A/B tested everything

Custom A\B testing iterates on every step from bidding strategies to creative and user flow. 

Google AdX Authorized Buyer

Directly connected to Google's RTB inventory provides access to premium placements and traffic.

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Data at the core.
Business at the helm.


"..Our algorithms, like water, can trickle into hidden market opportunities skipped by the rest of the industry that uses far less granular tools.
For example, our engine can automatically zero-down to target only New York early adopters, reading positive-sentiment Tesla articles when it's raining in Manhattan and serve them a tailored dynamic creative.."

No email required 

You probably like numbers


Processing Impressions/second


ML predictions per day


Minimum spend per partner


Awesome humans in our offices


Directly connected mega RTB exchanges

Our Partners

Google Adx Authorized RTB Buyer

S&P Top 20

NASDAQ Traded Network

Unicorn Gaming

Supply Generation for Premium Networks

Network, SSP or DSP always look for more sources of supply. Closing down publisher by publisher is cumbersome and requires a competitive advantage.
Augment your supply with targeted traffic per your advertisers' needs while maintaining strict quality restrictions.
Arpeely's skin in the game, risk free model means there are no expenses and a win-win-win situation for all.  

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